CDM818D Wheel Loader

Rated Power

85 HP

Bucket Capacity

1.1 m3

Rated Payload

1.8 Ton

Operating Weight

5.6 Ton


  • - Powerful YTO Engine
  • - Hydraulic Transmission & Torque Converter
  • - Pilot Control & AC as Optional
  • - Variety with Attachment
  • - Convenient Maintenance

- YTO 85HP diesel engine, Powerful, Energy saving and environment friendly.
- Hydraulic transmission and torque converter.
- New seal cab, Operational environment more comfortable.
- Hydraulic transmission and torque converter making power transmission more reliable, Operation more flexible.
- Full hydraulic steering making operation more flexible, Convenient and reliable.
- Equipped with A/C Cabin as optional.
- I mplement with computer optimization design, High strength and well reliability.
- Bucket with the special function of automatic leveling, Shorten working hours, Increase working efficiency and reduce fault rate.
- Easy and convenient to replace quick change device, Various optional attachments, Multiple optional functions.
- New appearance, beautiful and elegant.
- New seal cab making operating environment more comfortable.