Mobile Crusher Series

Waste management

Railway engineering

SANYYO Mobile Crusher greatly changes the concept of ore crushing by reducing production transportation costs of crushed material. The hydraulic design which, can also be used underground, reduces set up costs.
The Portable Crusher Plant is a primary crusher used to crush large material and screen primary processed matter.
The PEPF series crushers are reliable, powerful crushers a large feed opening optimized to ensure the best crushing results.
Original crushing parts are readily available for all our clients.
This machine is used by contractors requiring large amounts of low grade aggregate at minimal cost. The PEY's intelligent process control system guarantees continuous high crushing capacity. Site reports have shown that this machine is economical on fuel.


• Heavy-duty construction
• Easily transported
• Quick setup
• Easily converted to handle different products
• High stacking discharge conveyor
• Completely adjustable for different capacities
• Impact resistant
• Replaceable grizzly bars
• High capacity crushing
• Easy maintenance