LG100DT forklift


  • - Equipped with Xinchai/Quanchai Engine or Isuzu Engine OR Mitsubishi Engine
  • - Advanced Ergonomical Design
  • - Wide View Mast
  • - 4-way valve to as optional
  • - Adding a mast or 2 for higher lifing limit

- Wide view mast
- Safety and durability structure
- Intensive overhead guard, punching press forging, safer.
- Anti-slip pedal with durable material in climb step.
- Large radiation space for more efficient cooling.
- Reflection marks on each side for safer driving in night.
- Speed limit valve:
When the forklift is fully loaded, mast lowering speed is carefully controlled to ensure safety by the speed limit valve.
- Independent electric and hydraulic system, easy access and maintenance.
- Ideal layout under the motor cover ensures easy maintenance.